Here in South Florida he coined the term, “Pill Partying Physicians & Drug Dealing Doctors” to describe the pain clinics in this area. The doctors make a lot of money at these pain clinics subscribing too much medicine to people who are clearly addicted. Since 2001, Sean has actively been trying to shut these clinics down and prosecute the doctors who are making millions off of people who are overdosing in the clinic parking lots! He has met with the Attorney General on this matter and has made headway.

In April of 2006, at the height of Avian Bird Flu scare, Sean was putting a plan together to keep everyone calm and prepared.  The projects website, was established to provide information in the event of a national emergency. Several issues of the Homeless Voice were devoted to the cause.

One of Sean’s international projects has been providing aid to neighboring Haiti.

In January 2010, Sean along with 70 doctors and armed with 30, 000 antibiotics traveled to City Soleil, Haiti. There they passed out the deworming medication to children and people who could otherwise not afford or gain access to such medication.

Other aid such clothing, water and other basic necessities have been sent to Haiti.

A project near and dear to Sean has been adding attacks against the homeless to the Florida Hate Crime Statute.

After homeless man Norris Gaynor was attacked and killed in a string of attacks against the homeless, Sean was asked to speak about the issue on the Dr. Phil show in 2007.

In May of 2010, Gov. Charlie Crist signed the homeless hate crime bill to included offenses where a homeless person is attacked based on prejudices on that fact. October 1 of that year, the law went into effect.