Homeless Vet Gets His Flag

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27th November

Harold Albert served his country in Korea. He was a good man , a nice man, never smoked or drank he just could not find his way in society. He did find his way to the National Cemetery in Bushnell Florida where we received his flag for his service. It was just a total heart felt inner feeling when the army personnel said on behalf of the President of the United States of America. He was a homeless person , a person that cities reject and make laws that reject homeless people and the President is giving us a flag for his great service.. What is wrong with this world. Shame on you , all of you who dislike the Homeless. Many of them protected your rights, your space and … Read More »

Dear President Elect Trump

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24th November

Dear Mr President Elect Trump:

I am a democrat one that has financially supported Mrs. Clinton in the past.   You are now our President and I like many will support you.   Everyone must admit you ran a very intelligent campaign and you will go down as being one  of the smartest political campaigners in modern history.   You ran your campaign as any good CEO would,  it was cost effective and very effective. If you run our country this way and cut down on some of the other promises you said you were going to do that made many people upset you may just make America Great Again.  

I am writing this letter to you because I know I will get an answer. Some thirty years ago I sent you a letter via the Trump Organization  about … Read More »