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7th February

WHAT: On 11-2-23 Sean Cononie of the Homeless Voice called HCA Westside Hospital located in Plantation, Florida in response to a missed call in the middle of the night from the homeless man- Chad Leonard’s doctor. Cononie spoke to the hospital three times and all three times was told that Chad Leonard had been discharged. Cononie was suspicious and demanded to speak to a supervisor. After 20 minutes on hold, Cononie was informed that Chad Leonard had died around midnight. Cononie was in shock and asked the nurse if she was sure, she replied yes. Cononie asked for more details, the HCA Nurse told Cononie that Mr. Leonard had low blood sugar and the nurse had given him a sandwich, when she came back in the room approximately an hour later, she found Mr. Leonard unresponsive. The nurse did not … Read More »


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22nd January

I WANT TO DO A MASS SHOOTINGS, HOW CAN I GET HELP I want to do a mass shooting with an AR-15, is there help to prevent me from doing this mass shooting? I want to kill people with my AK-47 and AR-15 can I get help? Is there a hotline for someone to get help who wants to do a mass shooting? I think my friend wants to do a mass shooting at a school what can I do to get him help? What can I do to get help? You can always call 911, this will help you or your friend from going to prison for the rest of your life or being killed by the police. If you do not want to call 911, you can call The Mass Shooting Prevention Center at 605-NO-SHOOT which is 605-667-4668

Mass Shooter Prevention Call Center TO AID IN MASS SHOOTING PREVENTION

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13th January

BREAKING NEWS & CALL TO ACTIONPRESS CONFERENCE:Thursday, January 18th at 9:45amMass Shooter Prevention Call Center TO AID IN MASS SHOOTING PREVENTION…DETAILS WILL BE ANNOUNCED & PHONE NUMBER REVEALEDWHAT: Sean Cononie, Founder of Cosac Foundation will announce a groundbreaking communication center that will be launched to aid in national mass shooting prevention. This national plan is where an individual who wants to commit a mass shooting can call and receive help. Cononie will release the telephone number on January 18th. 80% of these individuals who commit mass shootings are suicidal. Statistically people who are suicidal do call suicidal help lines like 988. Cononie says, “I feel that if we can get these individuals to call for help we may be able to stop a few mass shootings.”This call center is located in Davie, Florida, and can get calls from anywhere in … Read More »

High Profile Homelessness Expert Coins the Term “Applecise” Inspires With Apple Watch 130lbs Weight Loss!

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24th October

IMMEDIATE RELEASE:Publicist, Kim Goedde786.554.0422High Profile Homelessness Expert Coinsthe Term “Applecise” & Inspires WithApple Watch 130lbs Weight Loss!WHO:  High-profile homeless crisis and homelessness expert SeanCononie had struggled with weight issues for many years. He had gained over 165 lbs. from steroid medications needed for a serious bacterial meningitis infection that put Cononie on Life Support. Cononie reached 430lbs then came COVID, he started volunteering to see if he would be able to get back to work, following his head and ear surgeries. Cononie started hitting the streets to take care of the Homeless people at risk or infected with Covid, along with testing, vaccinating, and distributing PPE’s . Sean knew being overweight put himself at risk of death from Covid and realized he needed to start focusing on his weight loss immediately. Cononie looked to his recently purchased Apple Watch and decided he would … Read More »

Think Outside the Box to Stop the Want of Fentanyl

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2nd October

The use of fentanyl will not be stopped just by law enforcement. In the middle 80s, I formed a group called “ Getting Drugs out of Broward County. It involved the judicial system, law enforcement, and social services. In fact, I got a congressional record where the congressman stated he hoped that this would become a snowball effect across America. Did we win the war, no we did not, but it opened my eyes….We need to have the need for fentanyl reduced by the users. Not just reduced but branded at the same level of “Operation Warp Speed” that President Trump branded the vaccines for COVID. I do not care for Trump that much, however, this was a great thing he did and this man will never forget he made a great decision on the speed of vaccines. You … Read More »


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1st October

The Homeless Voice has learned a lot about COVID-19 and testing. So what do we do next with our medical outreach? A lot of homeless people die of things when they can be tested and treated on the spot. There is no reason to die. However, getting a homeless person to an ER or urgent care can become very difficult to do so. So what do we do, we will bring the testing to them. So we are now upgrading our medical outreach. I can’t tell you how many homeless people I know who have died from a UTI, ( Urinary Tract Infection), they simply have an infection and it goes untreated and they become septic. The nice part about this testing is, most of it is rapid … Read More »

COVID-19 and The Pandemic of the Unvaccinated

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27th July

Vaccines work, the COVID-19 vaccines work, and not only do they work, they work extremely well. We all should know by now, that just because you get the vaccines doesn’t mean you won’t catch the virus. It does not mean you won’t get a little sick. It does not mean you can’t die. What it means is, that there is just a very small chance you will get sick or die from COVID-19 if you catch it after you were fully vaccinated. Basically, the vaccines work great against serious illness or death. When some people catch the virus after vaccines, that is what we call Breakthrough infections. This little piece I am writing about was not written until now. I did not want to … Read More »

Send us your Oxygen Tubing for California

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8th January

The COSAC Foundation and the Homeless Voice is requesting people to send oxygen tubes to their Florida office. People who have sleep apnea and COPD usually have extra oxygen tubing laying around the home that is brand new. In the past, many people who have cleaned out their parent’s homes after the death of their loved ones, have thrown away many extra oxygen tubing. Sean Cononie, the volunteer Director stated ” I know when my dad died I found over 40 tubes that were still brand new.” Please look into the items you have at home and send them to us so we can get them to California. Cononie, added ” We need to do this today not tomorrow” You can even go to your local medical supplies store and buy a few tubes, they cost about $2.00 per tube.We … Read More »

Do We Really Want Homeless Sex Offenders Living Under Bridges? 

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5th May

 Do We Really Want Homeless Sex Offenders Living Under Bridges? 

For almost a decade and a half homeless advocates like myself has warned cities and lawmakers that the sex offenders laws they are establishing to make it safer for our children will, in fact, make it less safe in the future.  We said in the future these laws will create homeless sex offenders where no one will be able to monitor their whereabouts.  Be careful what you wish for was the words of wisdom we gave lawmakers.  Instead of even researching our statements they just kept on making the law so strict that it was and is almost impossible for a sex offender to live anywhere.   We were told we were just too compassionate and had no concerns for the safety of children and when I started to take sex offenders at my facility I was … Read More »

Can a Person Die Because They Don’t Have Health Insurance ? Yes they can

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11th May

Can a Person Die Because They Don’t Have Health Insurance ? Yes they can

This is not about President Trump so please do not think this is a political post. It may have some bleeding heart liberal emotions stuff in it , that I cannot help for God made me and this is how I feel. Do people die because of lack of health insurance? Yes they do. I have seen it for the last 25 years. My last example just happen a few days ago. The good news is he did not die this week but he would have died very soon with a chest (lungs) full of blood clots. The 43 year old male sounded like the big bad wolf who could not blow the house … Read More »