COVID-19 and The Pandemic of the Unvaccinated

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Vaccines work, the COVID-19 vaccines work, and not only do they work, they work extremely well. We all should know by now, that just because you get the vaccines doesn’t mean you won’t catch the virus. It does not mean you won’t get a little sick. It does not mean you can’t die. What it means is, that there is just a very small chance you will get sick or die from COVID-19 if you catch it after you were fully vaccinated. Basically, the vaccines work great against serious illness or death. When some people catch the virus after vaccines, that is what we call Breakthrough infections.

This little piece I am writing about was not written until now. I did not want to post it months ago when I started to look at the research on the Efficacy (How effective is the vaccine ) of the vaccines because I was afraid some would not get the vaccine. I thought it was in the best interest for me not to talk about it because in my heart I knew the vaccines worked and they work great. I know me, keeping my mouth shut would not hurt anyone, so I chose not to tell my story. However, when the masks came off I was worried about how many breakthrough infections would happen. I also knew that the people who did not get the vaccine would most likely not wear masks when they were supposed to when the people who were vaccinated could take off their masks.

I knew the surge would increase. So what does anyone do when they want to know the facts, they get the stats and numbers from the pharmaceutical company. So, I contacted Jerica Pitts, Director of Global Media Relations for the Pfizer Company. She sent me all the data that I needed to fully understand the research results for Phase Three Trial. I also reviewed the research that Pfizer provided the FDA to get the approval to distribute the vaccines.

So after reviewing the data I came to some conclusions. What I did, I started with Pfizer and looked at all their numbers and what I found was that in no way was their research telling the best possible story. It was correct in the way they presented it. However,
as I looked deeper I saw a different story. Let’s go over the numbers in the Phase Three Trial by Pfizer :

They tested approximately 43,548 at over 153 locations worldwide.

21,720 people got the real vaccine

21,728 people got a placebo ( Fake Vaccine)

For the ones who got the vaccine only 8 people got sick with COVID-19

For the ones who got the placebo, the fake vaccine 162 got COVID-19

So by looking at the above numbers even a second grader can come to the conclusion that these vaccines work great.

Here is my concern and maybe the reason for breakthrough infections, again breakthrough is when someone got vaccinated and they still got COVID-19. I have two reasons why I feel that we are seeing more breakthrough infections now. Please remember that in real numbers the breakthrough infections are still very minimal.

My first reason is really a simple reason, the majority of people who did not get vaccinated also did not wear masks like they were supposed to. This is why they are calling it a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”. As of July 20th, 2021, 95% to 99% of the people dying right now are not vaccinated. Do I need to say anymore? At this time if you are not vaccinated I would stop reading this story and go get your vaccine. Please I beg you, for you and your family, and even for someone you may kill by accident, if you have COVID-19 and don’t know it and pass the virus to someone else, you may kill that person.

What about your child that is not vaccinated? Let’s see, you go to work and do not wear a mask and are not vaccinated. Then you get Covid-19 and don’t know it. Then you go home and give your ten-year-old COVID-19. He may then die because we now know the younger are having serious reactions to COVID-19. More younger people are now dying of COVID-19. So when you are at your child’s funeral, you can tell us how well he did at football, what a good student he was, and he was just a great child. Don’t forget to say it was you, who killed your child. I am sorry I have to say that you killed your child but there is truth to many of these deaths.

My second reason for so many breakthrough infections is the way they did the research at Pfizer. The people who were in the study were told to take precautions. What does this mean? Well, if your community was on lockdown, or told to wear a mask then that is what the people in the study were told to do. If there was a stay-at-home order then you stayed at home. Some people also were working from home and hardly ever left the house. Some people did what they wanted to do anyway. So from these few sentences above, we do not know for sure if some of them did not even have a chance to catch covid-19. What? Ok, look at it this way. Of the 21,720 people who got the real vaccine, how many of them took major precautions and also stayed at home and really never had a chance to catch covid anyway? We don’t know. So, if many of them never had a chance of catching COVID-19 then we really don’t have a good count on breakthrough infections.

So now that the masks are off and the fully vaccinated people in the millions really have no restrictions and went on with their lives like they were not going to catch covid-19 it seems that breakthrough infections are more common than what the experts were betting on.

So what does all this mean? It means the following: these COVID-19 vaccines work and they work so well that if you do not get one expect to catch Covid-19 and also expect that there is a chance you will die from COVID-19. There is also a chance you will catch COVID-19 and do just fine but then a few months later there are side effects with your lungs. You may also have no issues whatsoever. This also means that if you catch Covid-19, you will spread it to someone. It may be a stranger or maybe just your wife or mom or maybe even your dad or children. .

If I was a person who has been vaccinated on this date of 7-23-2021, in which I am fully vaccinated, I would do the following. This is based on breakthrough infections and the new Delta strain of Covid-19 which so far is the most dangerous Covid to get. I would go back to wearing a mask for an extra level of protection. I would stay away from anyone who is not vaccinated. I would not go into any restaurant. I would not go to any place that was crowded indoors or outdoors. If I was a person who had a chance of getting covid after a vaccination I would consider wearing a mask at home. If not I would still try to take precautions of some sort at home. Now, this is based on me living in Florida, a state where most of the covid-19 infections are now present.

Now if I lived in a state where infections were low I might only take a few precautions. If I was vaccinated and I had a child at home who was not able to get their vaccine as of yet, I would take major personal precautions to avoid passing on a breakthrough infection that I am not aware of to my unvaccinated child.

Here is what I ask of you and some of you may say, you’re crazy for even asking us to do this. I would ask each of us to adopt a person who is not vaccinated and tell them how much you love them and how much they need to get the vaccine. Prove to them what they are hearing about how bad the vaccine is, is so untrue and prove it to them with everything you got. . Do everything you can to convince them to get the vaccine. Even if it means you may lose that friendship. I know that sounds horrible but if you truly love that person then take the chance. Over time they will get over it and over time they may come and give you a big kiss for helping them to get the vaccine. So try your best to change one person at a time.

There is a great need for therapeutics. What are therapeutics? These are drugs that you take when you get sick. Like Tamiflu that you take when you have a real case of the flu. Oral antiviral pills can be prescribed when a person has Covid-19. The main goal of these antiviral drugs is to keep you from getting really sick or dying. This is called the “Tamiflu approach” and is being looked at as we speak. A pill for COVID-19 could be easily produced, transported, and stored for longer periods than the current vaccines. We need to make it easy to get and the hope is, the sooner one takes it, the chances of getting really sick or dying becomes less. Just like Tamiflu, the faster one takes it, the results are better. President Biden has devoted over three billion dollars to try to find meds that work besides the vaccines.

If we do not control the spread of the COVID-19 the chances of mutation become present. What does that mean? It means the virus will change as they always do. The current vaccines work on all types of Covid-19 but that does not mean they will always work against new strains. So we can thank the non-vaccinated people if that happens. That means mandates like before may happen once again. Do we want that? No, I don’t want that so please let’s get vaccinated so we can stop this and stop it for good.

Also, don’t you think that the nurses and doctors need a break? Do we want a bed in ICU for you if you have a heart attack or will you get less care if the ICUs are filled? The more stress we put on healthcare workers the care does suffer a little bit. We call them heroes so let’s treat them as such and get a vaccine and stop them from seeing people dying right in front of their sad little faces when that person did not have to die if they would have got vaccinated.

Right now in America, it is the unvaccinated people who are dying and spreading the COVID-19. If you are not vaccinated you may kill a few people if you pass it on to them. Can you live with that? Can you live with the fact that you gave your baby COVID-19 and you killed your baby? Can you live with that? Can you?

Maybe it is time to put restrictions on those who are not vaccinated.

The Pfizer vaccine works great. We did not look at the phase three Moderna findings which also works great.

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