Why Go Bonkers Over Ebola?

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8th October

or Maybe We Should Be Happy We Got Our First Case

I was one of the people who took President Bush serious when he said that any community that at the time of a Bird Flu or a pandemic that expects the Federal Calvary to come and rescue them, that, that community would be set for pure tragedy. That scared the daylight out of me. What he meant is that no country can be prepared for a pandemic and that the only way to really be prepared is to have your own personal plan. Let me explain it like this, during the Spanish Flu pandemic in 1918 we lost anywhere from 40 to 100 million people who died from the flu. How could we as a country service that many people who were sick? We can’t, and … Read More »

Most Attacks on the Homeless go unreported

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2nd October

A homeless 63-year old woman was beaten up today (9/29/2014) and her backpack was stolen?

At about 6:30 on a warm Hollywood Beach evening, just off A1A at an Intracoastal Park, Linda Lambert was waiting for a bus. Just like every day, she took the bus along the beach road in the evening.

Linda is one of a growing group of seniors who are homeless in this economy and, and she currently lives at the Homeless Voice Shelter on Federal Highway in Hollywood Florida. She has lived on and off the streets for over a decade.

Taking the bus was a normal daily routine, with no trouble. Until Friday night, her backpack made her a target. An old backpack without much in it (except some socks, jumbles of paper and a water bottle) was stolen from her.

Linda sat down and waited for … Read More »