Medical Emergecny at Homeless Voice Shelter

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16th February

This homeless mans oxygen was at 73 percent when we got to him.   This was very critical.  It was important for us to get his oxygen up as much as possible before EMS arrived.   We finally got his Oxygen up to 95 percent.    Our in house medics are our homeless people who took a first respondor course to be able to use oxygen , aed’s and other life saving medical equipment.  We have saved many people with our yearly training.    We also do in house trianing.  So far we are ab0out  4 of 7 saves with AED’s and on overdoses we have saved about  20 people over the years by having the proper training.  When most people think the homeless are worthless bums look at these homeless people save a mans life.  Way to go Homeless.  You think this is … Read More »

No Insurance: Get Free Homeless Health Care and Free Wound Care at the Homeless Voice Shelter for the Homeless

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5th February

Free Homeless Health Care

The very graphic video shows a long time homeless man getting free homeless health care for a ulcer in the lower back. It is very graphic so if you have a weak system where you cannot handle blood or inside of a body you may not want to watch this video.

This man had a big hole in his back and was released from the hospital to a homeless shelter where the hospital did agree for homeless health care for the wound done by them. What happens when there is leakage where others can get sick if they sit where this man just got done sitting and the leakage was left on the chair? Or what happens when the packing from inside the wound comes out? Then we must make do until the nurse comes back in the … Read More »