The Truth of the Matter , When it comes to TRUMP

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8th October

 The Truth of the Matter

As you all know I am a pretty big Democrat. I have toyed with the idea of voting for Trump but for now it is HRC.  Heck I even paid to fly Mrs Clinton down  for a conference at the Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood a few years back.  But here is what I hate.  Lets look at the latest attacks on the Donald. But before I get started,  a great person once said . Do you know the difference of people in prison and people who are not. Well most people said they committed crimes.   The real answer should be they got caught and you or me did not get caught.  Like the Bible says . ” All people commit sin”  we all are sinners not one if perfect except Jesus.   The same thing applies to crime. We all commit crimes and only a small percentage gets caught and are sent to … Read More »