The Truth of the Matter , When it comes to TRUMP

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 The Truth of the Matter
As you all know I am a pretty big Democrat. I have toyed with the idea of voting for Trump but for now it is HRC.  Heck I even paid to fly Mrs Clinton down  for a conference at the Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood a few years back.  But here is what I hate.  Lets look at the latest attacks on the Donald. But before I get started,  a great person once said . Do you know the difference of people in prison and people who are not. Well most people said they committed crimes.   The real answer should be they got caught and you or me did not get caught.  Like the Bible says . ” All people commit sin”  we all are sinners not one if perfect except Jesus.   The same thing applies to crime. We all commit crimes and only a small percentage gets caught and are sent to prison.  One could say the police only focus on serious crimes and they put the real bad guys in prison and that is a good thing.  But then you have some judges who really punish people really way too much for the same things the judge did when they were young just to set an example. Do they ever say to themselves , I did that as a kid. 
So now look at the latest Donald attack on his words when he was doing the soap opera and he made some choice words about females..  Basically “locker room talk”  that every guy is guilty of. Then you have my democrats who are ready to burn him like a witch. Does it really matter what he said.  No it does not,   and if it did the world needs to stop becasue all of us are just as bad .  The President is no Jesus Christ and Mr Trump is no Jesus.  
Next the republicans are now attacking him for the same words.  My God  Mr. Ryan you too. I bet you if I went back and looked in to your words years back you would have said  the same words somewhere in your life.  In fact I bet you still talk that way to your closest buddies. 
Even Fox news is saying he was wrong and he had no business saying those words.  
When will this election ever go to the topics of concern????

He just got caught…. that’s  the difference. Now tell me the difference in your stopping terrorism plans. Thats what I want to hear.
If I was running for president and somebody brought something like this up, I would  say yes I said it and a whole hell of a lot more in fact I did a lot more worse.  News at 11 Cononie says he  now knows  how to stop ISIS.   The issues please.

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