7th February

WHAT: On 11-2-23 Sean Cononie of the Homeless Voice called HCA Westside Hospital located in Plantation, Florida in response to a missed call in the middle of the night from the homeless man- Chad Leonard’s doctor. Cononie spoke to the hospital three times and all three times was told that Chad Leonard had been discharged. Cononie was suspicious and demanded to speak to a supervisor. After 20 minutes on hold, Cononie was informed that Chad Leonard had died around midnight. Cononie was in shock and asked the nurse if she was sure, she replied yes. Cononie asked for more details, the HCA Nurse told Cononie that Mr. Leonard had low blood sugar and the nurse had given him a sandwich, when she came back in the room approximately an hour later, she found Mr. Leonard unresponsive. The nurse did not … Read More »


22nd January

I WANT TO DO A MASS SHOOTINGS, HOW CAN I GET HELP I want to do a mass shooting with an AR-15, is there help to prevent me from doing this mass shooting? I want to kill people with my AK-47 and AR-15 can I get help? Is there a hotline for someone to get help who wants to do a mass shooting? I think my friend wants to do a mass shooting at a school what can I do to get him help? What can I do to get help? You can always call 911, this will help you or your friend from going to prison for the rest of your life or being killed by the police. If you do not want to call 911, you can call The Mass Shooting Prevention Center at 605-NO-SHOOT which is 605-667-4668

Mass Shooter Prevention Call Center TO AID IN MASS SHOOTING PREVENTION

13th January

BREAKING NEWS & CALL TO ACTIONPRESS CONFERENCE:Thursday, January 18th at 9:45amMass Shooter Prevention Call Center TO AID IN MASS SHOOTING PREVENTION…DETAILS WILL BE ANNOUNCED & PHONE NUMBER REVEALEDWHAT: Sean Cononie, Founder of Cosac Foundation will announce a groundbreaking communication center that will be launched to aid in national mass shooting prevention. This national plan is where an individual who wants to commit a mass shooting can call and receive help. Cononie will release the telephone number on January 18th. 80% of these individuals who commit mass shootings are suicidal. Statistically people who are suicidal do call suicidal help lines like 988. Cononie says, “I feel that if we can get these individuals to call for help we may be able to stop a few mass shootings.”This call center is located in Davie, Florida, and can get calls from anywhere in … Read More »

High Profile Homelessness Expert Coins the Term “Applecise” Inspires With Apple Watch 130lbs Weight Loss!

24th October

IMMEDIATE RELEASE:Publicist, Kim Goedde786.554.0422High Profile Homelessness Expert Coinsthe Term “Applecise” & Inspires WithApple Watch 130lbs Weight Loss!WHO:  High-profile homeless crisis and homelessness expert SeanCononie had struggled with weight issues for many years. He had gained over 165 lbs. from steroid medications needed for a serious bacterial meningitis infection that put Cononie on Life Support. Cononie reached 430lbs then came COVID, he started volunteering to see if he would be able to get back to work, following his head and ear surgeries. Cononie started hitting the streets to take care of the Homeless people at risk or infected with Covid, along with testing, vaccinating, and distributing PPE’s . Sean knew being overweight put himself at risk of death from Covid and realized he needed to start focusing on his weight loss immediately. Cononie looked to his recently purchased Apple Watch and decided he would … Read More »

Think Outside the Box to Stop the Want of Fentanyl

2nd October

The use of fentanyl will not be stopped just by law enforcement. In the middle 80s, I formed a group called “ Getting Drugs out of Broward County. It involved the judicial system, law enforcement, and social services. In fact, I got a congressional record where the congressman stated he hoped that this would become a snowball effect across America. Did we win the war, no we did not, but it opened my eyes….We need to have the need for fentanyl reduced by the users. Not just reduced but branded at the same level of “Operation Warp Speed” that President Trump branded the vaccines for COVID. I do not care for Trump that much, however, this was a great thing he did and this man will never forget he made a great decision on the speed of vaccines. You … Read More »


1st October

The Homeless Voice has learned a lot about COVID-19 and testing. So what do we do next with our medical outreach? A lot of homeless people die of things when they can be tested and treated on the spot. There is no reason to die. However, getting a homeless person to an ER or urgent care can become very difficult to do so. So what do we do, we will bring the testing to them. So we are now upgrading our medical outreach. I can’t tell you how many homeless people I know who have died from a UTI, ( Urinary Tract Infection), they simply have an infection and it goes untreated and they become septic. The nice part about this testing is, most of it is rapid … Read More »

COVID-19 and The Pandemic of the Unvaccinated

27th July

Vaccines work, the COVID-19 vaccines work, and not only do they work, they work extremely well. We all should know by now, that just because you get the vaccines doesn’t mean you won’t catch the virus. It does not mean you won’t get a little sick. It does not mean you can’t die. What it means is, that there is just a very small chance you will get sick or die from COVID-19 if you catch it after you were fully vaccinated. Basically, the vaccines work great against serious illness or death. When some people catch the virus after vaccines, that is what we call Breakthrough infections. This little piece I am writing about was not written until now. I did not want to … Read More »

Send us your Oxygen Tubing for California

8th January

The COSAC Foundation and the Homeless Voice is requesting people to send oxygen tubes to their Florida office. People who have sleep apnea and COPD usually have extra oxygen tubing laying around the home that is brand new. In the past, many people who have cleaned out their parent’s homes after the death of their loved ones, have thrown away many extra oxygen tubing. Sean Cononie, the volunteer Director stated ” I know when my dad died I found over 40 tubes that were still brand new.” Please look into the items you have at home and send them to us so we can get them to California. Cononie, added ” We need to do this today not tomorrow” You can even go to your local medical supplies store and buy a few tubes, they cost about $2.00 per tube.We … Read More »

Do We Really Want Homeless Sex Offenders Living Under Bridges? 

5th May

 Do We Really Want Homeless Sex Offenders Living Under Bridges? 

For almost a decade and a half homeless advocates like myself has warned cities and lawmakers that the sex offenders laws they are establishing to make it safer for our children will, in fact, make it less safe in the future.  We said in the future these laws will create homeless sex offenders where no one will be able to monitor their whereabouts.  Be careful what you wish for was the words of wisdom we gave lawmakers.  Instead of even researching our statements they just kept on making the law so strict that it was and is almost impossible for a sex offender to live anywhere.   We were told we were just too compassionate and had no concerns for the safety of children and when I started to take sex offenders at my facility I was … Read More »


23rd November

This Thanksgiving I can say that I am very THANKFUL for so many wonderful things. But in reality, I can say that is canceled because I have failed at being human. Not only have I failed but many of us have failed because we sit back and allow babies to become “Human Shish Kebabs,” we allow them to be burnt to a crisp, and allow them to be sliced like lunch meat. It gets worse , we allow this to be done in front of their mom and dad. And once the baby is dead Daddy gets to watch his wife get raped by a bunch of military men, after that, dad gets shot in the head. Yes, this article of mine is going to piss off … Read More »

Can a Person Die Because They Don’t Have Health Insurance ? Yes they can

11th May

Can a Person Die Because They Don’t Have Health Insurance ? Yes they can

This is not about President Trump so please do not think this is a political post. It may have some bleeding heart liberal emotions stuff in it , that I cannot help for God made me and this is how I feel. Do people die because of lack of health insurance? Yes they do. I have seen it for the last 25 years. My last example just happen a few days ago. The good news is he did not die this week but he would have died very soon with a chest (lungs) full of blood clots. The 43 year old male sounded like the big bad wolf who could not blow the house … Read More »

High End Recklessness

22nd February

I usually don’t allow others to write for my blog. At times I will repost work from another news source and then make comments. However with this story a person by the name of Mr. Torran King wrote this and sent it in to the Homeless Voice to be printed in our newspaper. When I read it , I said to myself , ” this guy knows his stuff ” It is just so truthful.

Good Job Mr. King . A job well done.

High End Recklessness

In the first week of the Waste Management Phoenix Open, the biggest golf party on the planet, homeowners in one of the most luxurious cities in the U.S. (Scottsdale) experienced frustration on a level that is, quite common throughout the country! I work for a … Read More »

Homeless Vet Gets His Flag

27th November

Harold Albert served his country in Korea. He was a good man , a nice man, never smoked or drank he just could not find his way in society. He did find his way to the National Cemetery in Bushnell Florida where we received his flag for his service. It was just a total heart felt inner feeling when the army personnel said on behalf of the President of the United States of America. He was a homeless person , a person that cities reject and make laws that reject homeless people and the President is giving us a flag for his great service.. What is wrong with this world. Shame on you , all of you who dislike the Homeless. Many of them protected your rights, your space and … Read More »

Dear President Elect Trump

24th November

Dear Mr President Elect Trump:

I am a democrat one that has financially supported Mrs. Clinton in the past.   You are now our President and I like many will support you.   Everyone must admit you ran a very intelligent campaign and you will go down as being one  of the smartest political campaigners in modern history.   You ran your campaign as any good CEO would,  it was cost effective and very effective. If you run our country this way and cut down on some of the other promises you said you were going to do that made many people upset you may just make America Great Again.  

I am writing this letter to you because I know I will get an answer. Some thirty years ago I sent you a letter via the Trump Organization  about … Read More »

The Truth of the Matter , When it comes to TRUMP

8th October

 The Truth of the Matter

As you all know I am a pretty big Democrat. I have toyed with the idea of voting for Trump but for now it is HRC.  Heck I even paid to fly Mrs Clinton down  for a conference at the Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood a few years back.  But here is what I hate.  Lets look at the latest attacks on the Donald. But before I get started,  a great person once said . Do you know the difference of people in prison and people who are not. Well most people said they committed crimes.   The real answer should be they got caught and you or me did not get caught.  Like the Bible says . ” All people commit sin”  we all are sinners not one if perfect except Jesus.   The same thing applies to crime. We all commit crimes and only a small percentage gets caught and are sent to … Read More »

Poem Orlando Shooter “Mr Shooter You’re Not Welcomed Here”

26th June


Here is the original version “Season in the Sun”  A one hit wonder song by Terry Jacks.  Click here to hear the original tune.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tPcc1ftj8E  or cut and paste.     You can read our words as you hear the original song.  We are having it produced and recorded in the next few weeks.

Also if you are interested you can click here for a dont do drugs version,


For the people of Orlando

Mr Shooter You’re Not Welcomed Here

Goodbye to you my prideful friends
We’ve danced and partied until the end
Together dropped to the floor on our knees
Learned to hide from his eyes
prayed to God we would not die

Goodbye my friends I’m next to die
just when I thought that I would survive
I see him looking everywhere
Oh my God I’m in his stare
Please wake me up from this nightmare

We had pride and now … Read More »

Take A 100 Million off the Mars Budget and Give it to the FBI, Guess What the Martians Are not Attacking Us

15th June

Take A 100 Million off the Mars Budget and Give it to the FBI, Guess What the Martians Are not Attacking Us

I know this is going to piss some people off but I say this because we are at war with a group of people who do not follow the rules of the Geneva Convention. In fact, the only rules they follow are ones that create nothing but evil actions from the devil himself. This is not about gun control and I don’t like profiling, but I can accept it at this time. As long as we keep it limited.

When you want to sell athletic shoes you seek your customers at sports events. When you want to help the homeless you do outreach looking for them in camps , the woods and areas of concentration such as soup kitchens. When … Read More »

Federal bombing suspect: Terrorist or just ‘crazy’?

13th May

Federal bombing suspect: Terrorist or just ‘crazy’?

James Medina was homeless, allegedly mentally ill

By Bob Norman – Investigative Reporter
Posted: 6:00 PM, May 13, 2016
Updated: 6:36 PM, May 13, 2016

Federal court records make it clear that James Medina was threatening to attack a synagogue before the FBI charged him in what was widely reported as a thwarted terror attack.

But before he made those alleged threats, Medina also threatened a church, his estranged wife, his in-laws, and, according to someone who knew him on the streets, just about anyone who looked at him the wrong way.

“He threatened everyone,” said Rick Wallace, who said he met Medina while volunteering at the Jubilee Center of South Florida. “He was insane. He was a homeless guy on drugs. He is not a terrorist, he’s just someone that needs to be in a hospital somewhere. C’mon man, … Read More »

Attention All Apple Owners

20th February

Attention All Apple Owners…. I am not talking to the people who buy and use our products.   I am talking about the actual owners of  the Apple company.  The other day I walked out of my house while I was on the cell phone.  I looked at my pool which I love and said to myself  ” Thank You Apple ”  I was just thinking this little phone I am holding got me this pool.   My Pool is like a resort pool, beach entrance, hot tub in a cave and if you walk to the top of the waterfall in the cave  you can take the bridge leading to a two story Tiki Hut. My pool cost more than the main house at 5600 square foot and the 1800 square foot guest house.   I  said without  Apple … Read More »

The City of Oakland Park Florida ” Don’t you dare feed the poor”

18th February

On February 17th 2016 , yes i did say the year 2016, Father Bob from All Saints Mission is being denied the right to do what his Jesus Christ commands him to do in the Book of Mathew. Well actually that same book commands me and others to do the same.

He has continued to use his church to fellowship by breaking bread with the poor of his community. Except him breaking bread gives him a fine daily. This is his first crime feeding the people , his second crime is a little civil disobedience. On this day he and others went to the City of Oakland Park City Commission meeting and gave their public comments and spoke from the heart. The good church leader was last to speak. I was one of the first to speak.

After the heartfelt speech from … Read More »

Why I left the City of Hollywood

7th September

Why did Sean Cononie leave Hollywood?

First I must stress the fact that the Fire Department and its medics as well as the police did a great job with our agency.  In most cases they were there in  a flash.  But somewhere along the line something went wrong with me sending warnings to the administration if we had a bad flu season or when we had the Norovirus.

On one occasion Memorial Hospital was on lock down because they thought they had a case of Small Pox.  When I heard this, I called the intake office and asked if we got anyone in from Memorial in the last hour. We did.  From that I locked down our shelter and quarantined it.  I told staff to not let anyone in and no one out not even staff that was inside.  I too stayed … Read More »

Sean Cononie presents Arnold Abbott with Advocate of the Year Award

7th February

Arnold Abbot, a 91-year-old activist who feeds the homeless in Fort Lauderdale, traveled to Washington, DC to receive an award in recognition for his work in providing meals for the homeless. He has been working to reverse an ordinance instituted in Fort Lauderdale, which places restrictions on where the homeless may be fed within city limits.

While defying the ordinance and being fined repeatedly, Abbot has spoken out about it and has even sued the city to have the ordinance repealed; after putting the ordinance on hold, a judge ruled Thursday that the hold would be lifted and the ordinance would again be implemented by law enforcement. Ironically, this judgment came while Abbot was in DC being recognized by a national advocacy organization for the homeless.

During his visit to the capital, Abbot continued to advocate for the homeless, insisting … Read More »

Arnold Abbottt, Activist for Feeding Homeless, Goes to Washington

17th December

Arnold Abbott, Florida advocate for the homeless, has scheduled a trip to Washington this week with other activists from Broward to bring their campaign against unfair laws targeting public feedings to lawmakers.

The publisher of Homeless Voice, Sean Cononie, and Mr. Abbott have plans to convene with Washington lawmakers and to go to an annual memorial service that is sponsored by the National Coalition for the Homeless that honors the homeless who have died this year. The memorial service is set to start on Friday at noon. The event takes place at New York Avenue Presbyterian Church.

On Monday, Abbott stated that he wishes to gather more information about the national situation that involves the homeless, as well as gaining new insight into steps that can improve the homeless situation in South Florida. Abbott stated that he hopes to “learn from the … Read More »

Fort Lauderdale Feeding Ban

12th December

Sean Cononie helps the homeless as if it were his own family. The City of Fort Lauderdale is trying to make certain activities that help the homeless illegal.

Normally feeding a person is a great act of kindness, until now. If you feed the homeless in the city of Fort Lauderdale, Mayor Jack Seiler says that you are breaking the law and that you will be issued fines and serve possible jail time.

Sean Cononie says that there are currently 27 other cities across the United States that are making similar laws to criminalize homelessness.

Arnold Abbott has been feeding the homeless for 23 years and has decided to challenge the new laws.

UPDATE: On December 2nd, 2014, Judge Thomas Lynch has ordered the city to temporarily stop enforcing the law and told all sides to enter into a 30 day mediation. At … Read More »

Why Go Bonkers Over Ebola?

8th October

or Maybe We Should Be Happy We Got Our First Case

I was one of the people who took President Bush serious when he said that any community that at the time of a Bird Flu or a pandemic that expects the Federal Calvary to come and rescue them, that, that community would be set for pure tragedy. That scared the daylight out of me. What he meant is that no country can be prepared for a pandemic and that the only way to really be prepared is to have your own personal plan. Let me explain it like this, during the Spanish Flu pandemic in 1918 we lost anywhere from 40 to 100 million people who died from the flu. How could we as a country service that many people who were sick? We can’t, and … Read More »

Most Attacks on the Homeless go unreported

2nd October

A homeless 63-year old woman was beaten up today (9/29/2014) and her backpack was stolen?

At about 6:30 on a warm Hollywood Beach evening, just off A1A at an Intracoastal Park, Linda Lambert was waiting for a bus. Just like every day, she took the bus along the beach road in the evening.

Linda is one of a growing group of seniors who are homeless in this economy and, and she currently lives at the Homeless Voice Shelter on Federal Highway in Hollywood Florida. She has lived on and off the streets for over a decade.

Taking the bus was a normal daily routine, with no trouble. Until Friday night, her backpack made her a target. An old backpack without much in it (except some socks, jumbles of paper and a water bottle) was stolen from her.

Linda sat down and waited for … Read More »

Not Everyone that Comes to a Homeless Shelter is Homeless

2nd September

As we have come to know that homeless shelters can attract people who are wanted for serious crimes. The Homeless Voice had one of these dangerous sex offenders living in one of our homes in Hollywood.

It just goes to show you, the system has failed and it is difficult to know everyone we house. This man did not come up in any of our routine sex offender searches. When someone checks into our shelter, we perform a background check. If they are not registered and are a sex offender we then alert Hollywood Police Department.

The Marshals told us that there was someone living with us who had not registered in over 10 years. Since he was living near small children we also did our own investigation and kept an extra eye on him. We also notified HPD that we were … Read More »

City Laws Hurt the Homeless Voice Newspaper

10th January

The Homeless Voice, is a newspaper that funds South Florida’s largest emergency homeless shelter. The shelter is now in fear it may have to put a stop to several services they offer as some cities are making harder for the newspaper to be sold. Dozens of men, women and children who rely on the shelters in operated by The Homeless Voice for a place to stay could find themselves back out on the street.

NBC Miami recently released a publication and news article covering the subject. The community is trying to work together as a unit to keep the newspaper running and published. “We can’t operate an emergency-level shelter without the paper,” said Sean Cononie, a homeless spokesperson and founder of the Homeless Voice.

For several years, the Homeless Voice sold its newspapers in high-traffic areas throughout Broward County; but says … Read More »

Florida leads nation in study of violence against homeless

18th December

Sun Sentinel
Florida leads nation in study of violence against homeless

By Wayne K. Roustan, Sun Sentinel

10:32 AM EST, December 18, 2013



Florida ranks first in the nation, again, as the most dangerous place for the homeless to live, according to the 2012 Homeless Hate Crimes report.

The National Coalition for the Homeless has tracked violence against homeless people across the country since 1999. Homeless-on-homeless attacks are not included in the findings.

Florida has led the nation all but once between 2005 and 2012, statistics show.

Florida had 15 reported attacks against the homeless last year, more than double the incidents in second-ranked California. Two of those 15 attacks were deadly; both were in South Florida.

On Dec. 1, 2012, Bradley Suessine, 42, was stabbed to death with a butcher knife behind a restaurant in Deerfield Beach. John Stabile, 23, confessed to killing the homeless man and awaits … Read More »

Medical Emergecny at Homeless Voice Shelter

16th February

This homeless mans oxygen was at 73 percent when we got to him.   This was very critical.  It was important for us to get his oxygen up as much as possible before EMS arrived.   We finally got his Oxygen up to 95 percent.    Our in house medics are our homeless people who took a first respondor course to be able to use oxygen , aed’s and other life saving medical equipment.  We have saved many people with our yearly training.    We also do in house trianing.  So far we are ab0out  4 of 7 saves with AED’s and on overdoses we have saved about  20 people over the years by having the proper training.  When most people think the homeless are worthless bums look at these homeless people save a mans life.  Way to go Homeless.  You think this is … Read More »

No Insurance: Get Free Homeless Health Care and Free Wound Care at the Homeless Voice Shelter for the Homeless

5th February

Free Homeless Health Care

The very graphic video shows a long time homeless man getting free homeless health care for a ulcer in the lower back. It is very graphic so if you have a weak system where you cannot handle blood or inside of a body you may not want to watch this video.

This man had a big hole in his back and was released from the hospital to a homeless shelter where the hospital did agree for homeless health care for the wound done by them. What happens when there is leakage where others can get sick if they sit where this man just got done sitting and the leakage was left on the chair? Or what happens when the packing from inside the wound comes out? Then we must make do until the nurse comes back in the … Read More »

Homeless man survives shot to the head in Hollywood

28th January

By Wayne K. Roustan, Sun Sentinel
10:53 p.m. EST, January 28, 2013

A 56-year-old homeless man was recovering from a bullet wound late Monday after being shot in the head, Hollywood Police said.

It happened around 8 p.m. on Federal Highway near Taft Street. The victim managed to make the five minute walk several blocks back to the shelter at 1203 N. Federal Highway, operator Sean Cononie said.

“I was coming back from the gym and I saw him in the parking lot,” he said. “He had blood on him and apparently got shot a couple of blocks away and he walked back to the shelter.”
Shelter staff called 911 and the victim was taken to Memorial Regional Hospital where he was expected to recover, police said.

A perimeter was set up in the area of the shooting to look for the gunman but crucial minutes … Read More »

Homeless stay connected in virtual community

27th January

Homeless stay connected in virtual community

January 26, 2013|By Johnny Diaz, Sun Sentinel

At times during her day, Daletha Brown feels like any typical 23-year-old.

She catches the bus to Broward College for class. She calls or sends texts on her smart phone. She boots up her laptop to log into Facebook where her profile page states that she lives in “Hollywood, Florida.”

But many of her 173 online friends probably don’t know she’s homeless.

“People are shocked when I tell them,” Brown said from the Homeless Voice shelter in Hollywood where she collected some bottles of shampoo and soap earlier this week. “I don’t tell them until I know I can trust them. They are shocked at first because you don’t normally see a homeless person going to college.”

Or posting on social media.

Whether they’re in shelters or on the streets, some of South Florida’s homeless … Read More »

See our Documentary and Pilot of our Realality TV show

6th January

See the long version and the short with trailer and promo
click here for more


Mass Shootings and Something to Think About

17th December

On Saturday December 15th not even 21 hours after the massive school shooting I got to my desk and went to Facebook and Twitter. I do not usually post each day about the days ups and downs but that day I posted “ I can’t believe I have to say this, Thank God it is Saturday , SCHOOLS OUT let us still pray for them all” Schools out , will this mean there will be no kids getting killed by some lone gunman? I pray and hope so.

There is just no excuse for something to happen like this other than the forces that exist with the so called “bad Guy” makes him the Devil himself or the son of Satan. As I heard the news I could only imagine what if it was my grandkids or my brother’s kids. I … Read More »

Pinecrest Homeless Man Stabbed

17th December

South Florida going crazy on the Homeless, They keep getting attacked or killed
Watch below video of the latest trend in South Florida

Homeless Attacks Again in Florida

14th December

Florida has had about 7 attacks or incidents on the homeless in about the last 20 days not counting the attack that the TV housewives star did. See the below story of this latest attack where a man who was mentally ill hunted a homeless man for almost two weeks before killing him. Click the link below


Deerfield Beach man tells cops he hunted down, killed homeless man

1st December

Deerfield Beach man tells cops he hunted down, killed homeless man


By Susannah Bryan and Charlie Grau, Sun Sentinel9:43 p.m. EST, December 1, 2012


— For two weeks, John Stabile told police, he had murder on his mind.

Early Saturday morning, he saw the homeless man he intended to kill in an alley. He had nothing particularly against him, Stabile said later.

He ran home for a butcher’s knife, returned to plunge the blade into his 42-year-old victim, then waited for the man to die before calling 911.

That’s the story Stabile told homicide investigators with the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

When detectives arrived, he was waiting for them, sitting on a curb with a knife in his waistband.

He told them he had stabbed a homeless man and waited to be sure the wounds were fatal before calling authorities.

Stabile, 23, was charged with first-degree murder and … Read More »

30,000 Humans Die of Starvation Daily

13th November

Please watch this short video about world hunger:



It takes just a few crackers and some water each day to make a difference.  How can we send a man to the moon, talk on a video phone , and communicate just about anywhere in the world but we just can’t figure out how to communicate with each other to  save starving people?  Just take a few minutes to watch this video and look in the mirror and make a change.  It does not take a lot to stop this death of 30,000 humans a day from lack of food and clean water.   Today find an agency and just give them a few dollars a month.  We together can make a change.

I was once being interveiwed by a reporter and they saw our office  powerball club where we each put in a … Read More »

Homeless Advocate Asks President Not to Spend Any Money on 2nd Inauguration

7th November

Homeless Advocate Asks President Not to Spend Any Money on 2nd Inauguration

Sean Anthony Cononie

7508  Grant Court

Hollywood , Florida 33024




November 7th 2012

Dear President Obama :

I am a homeless shelter director and I have personally given to your campaign and to the DNC.  I have raised a lot of money for the democrats and even some republicans.   I most likely was the first person in the county to write you a letter when you were a senator on the date of January 25th 2005 asking you to consider running for president.  I also gave you a $2,000 donation as well as Mrs. Clinton.

I am writing you again for you to make additional history. I am requesting that you set an example and for you to sit back and get sworn in again at your office live … Read More »

Hey Peter Rosello, “This Homeless Man was not a Stunt Man.”

10th October

Remember when you were a child and really immature and during Halloween you would light a bag of dog poop on fire, leave it on the porch and ring the doorbell then run? Well, the son of one of the stars of “The Real Housewives of Miami,” Peter Rosello acted like a little kid by doing the same sort of cowardly immaturity but to a much larger scale. For whatever reason he thought it would be funny to punch a totally unaware homeless man in his genitals. If he wanted to embarrass the poor man why didn’t he just toilet paper him like a tree? Why did his act have to be of a violent nature?

The simple truth is the homeless have become punching bags and the brunt of many physical attacks for young people who have nothing better to … Read More »


28th September


Sean Cononie, founder of the Homeless Voice will be speaking to the press and giving a statement on Broward County’s current homeless crisis this Friday. As a direct result of 211 and Broward County shelters not utilizing their space the Homeless Voice is housing children and families who have no place to go.

Sean Cononie says, “Calls in the past few months have increased 50% for children and families needing shelter. It has gotten so bad we are being forced to use some of our administrative space.”

The Homeless Voice is currently faced with possibly having to close its doors due to neighboring cities Miramar and Pembroke Pines shutting down our Homeless Voice Vendors These same cities send their homeless to our shelter because they never can get a person in to a county shelter. “Even when they take our … Read More »