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High Profile Homelessness Expert Coins the Term “Applecise” Inspires With Apple Watch 130lbs Weight Loss!

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24th October

IMMEDIATE RELEASE:Publicist, Kim Goedde786.554.0422High Profile Homelessness Expert Coinsthe Term “Applecise” & Inspires WithApple Watch 130lbs Weight Loss!WHO:  High-profile homeless crisis and homelessness expert SeanCononie had struggled with weight issues for many years. He had gained over 165 lbs. from steroid medications needed for a serious bacterial meningitis infection that put Cononie on Life Support. Cononie reached 430lbs then came COVID, he started volunteering to see if he would be able to get back to work, following his head and ear surgeries. Cononie started hitting the streets to take care of the Homeless people at risk or infected with Covid, along with testing, vaccinating, and distributing PPE’s . Sean knew being overweight put himself at risk of death from Covid and realized he needed to start focusing on his weight loss immediately. Cononie looked to his recently purchased Apple Watch and decided he would … Read More »