30,000 Humans Die of Starvation Daily

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13th November

Please watch this short video about world hunger:



It takes just a few crackers and some water each day to make a difference.  How can we send a man to the moon, talk on a video phone , and communicate just about anywhere in the world but we just can’t figure out how to communicate with each other to  save starving people?  Just take a few minutes to watch this video and look in the mirror and make a change.  It does not take a lot to stop this death of 30,000 humans a day from lack of food and clean water.   Today find an agency and just give them a few dollars a month.  We together can make a change.

I was once being interveiwed by a reporter and they saw our office  powerball club where we each put in a … Read More »

Homeless Advocate Asks President Not to Spend Any Money on 2nd Inauguration

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7th November

Homeless Advocate Asks President Not to Spend Any Money on 2nd Inauguration

Sean Anthony Cononie

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November 7th 2012

Dear President Obama :

I am a homeless shelter director and I have personally given to your campaign and to the DNC.  I have raised a lot of money for the democrats and even some republicans.   I most likely was the first person in the county to write you a letter when you were a senator on the date of January 25th 2005 asking you to consider running for president.  I also gave you a $2,000 donation as well as Mrs. Clinton.

I am writing you again for you to make additional history. I am requesting that you set an example and for you to sit back and get sworn in again at your office live … Read More »