Homeless Advocate Asks President Not to Spend Any Money on 2nd Inauguration

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Homeless Advocate Asks President Not to Spend Any Money on 2nd Inauguration

Sean Anthony Cononie

7508  Grant Court

Hollywood , Florida 33024




November 7th 2012

Dear President Obama :

I am a homeless shelter director and I have personally given to your campaign and to the DNC.  I have raised a lot of money for the democrats and even some republicans.   I most likely was the first person in the county to write you a letter when you were a senator on the date of January 25th 2005 asking you to consider running for president.  I also gave you a $2,000 donation as well as Mrs. Clinton.

I am writing you again for you to make additional history. I am requesting that you set an example and for you to sit back and get sworn in again at your office live with no big celebration.  Set the record straight by saying that all the money that could have been spent on your second inauguration is now going to the poor or even cancer research and to the disasters victims.  There are many shelters in the USA that do not get any funding from the government.  Or take those funds and build affordable housing units.  Better yet put it towards our budget to run this great country.  You are a democrat so set it correct now and spend no funds when you get sworn in this term. No fancy parties just have a nice quiet dinner with your family and give a few speeches for the day.  Be the democrat that you need to be.  I will even come and cook your dinner.

Congrats on your second term and yes do call in Governor Romney and ask him to help you lead this country. It should stop most of the arguments that slows the clock in Washington.


Sean Cononie


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