30,000 Humans Die of Starvation Daily

Posted on November 13th, by Sean Cononie in Uncategorized. No Comments

Please watch this short video about world hunger:



It takes just a few crackers and some water each day to make a difference.  How can we send a man to the moon, talk on a video phone , and communicate just about anywhere in the world but we just can’t figure out how to communicate with each other to  save starving people?  Just take a few minutes to watch this video and look in the mirror and make a change.  It does not take a lot to stop this death of 30,000 humans a day from lack of food and clean water.   Today find an agency and just give them a few dollars a month.  We together can make a change.

I was once being interveiwed by a reporter and they saw our office  powerball club where we each put in a few dollars.  The reporter then asked me what would I do if I hit the powerball.  I said i would open up a lot more homeless shelters and work harder.  However, I now say, I will help solve the problem of world hunger.  If anyone is rich and reading this little posting please help the poor.  Better yet if you are rich you must be somewhat smart.. So come up with a plan to solve these social issues.


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