High End Recklessness

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I usually don’t allow others to write for my blog. At times I will repost work from another news source and then make comments. However with this story a person by the name of Mr. Torran King wrote this and sent it in to the Homeless Voice to be printed in our newspaper. When I read it , I said to myself , ” this guy knows his stuff ” It is just so truthful.

Good Job Mr. King . A job well done.

High End Recklessness

In the first week of the Waste Management Phoenix Open, the biggest golf party on the planet, homeowners in one of the most luxurious cities in the U.S. (Scottsdale) experienced frustration on a level that is, quite common throughout the country! I work for a company that provided security at many different events including this one. Working alongside Scottsdale Police department at the private vehicle entrance where only
Golfers, Caddies, Sponsors, and local residents are able to enter with special passes, I encountered many disgruntled residents. Because this is the biggest golf party of the year, many young people attended, such as, ASU students and locals. Party limousines and buses rolled in with thousands of them, so many that several times we had to shut down the road because the buses could not turn around and were releasing their patrons in the middle of the streets causing major traffic jams. This happened the entire event. Finally, the last few days, fatigue and too many drinks seemed to take its toll as many of the people leaving the limos and buses started to urinate on residential property. Many condo owners in the area complained to Scottsdale police and myself. Arrests were made through the week, but nowhere near the
amount necessary to catch all the offenders.

Most people think that because this event is a “Professional Tournament” that most golf fans are reserved and behave graciously. Wrong, guess again, people in cities all around the U.S. have experienced homeless problems. Most people think that it is only the homeless who urinate on their properties. Statistics show that most citations for public urination result from
drunk patrons at local events. Check the arrest reports yourselves for most major events where drinking is involved.

So the next time you think that “only homeless people” would urinate in places like your back yard, please remember that this plague is not so uncommon.

Written By : Mr Torran King
King Publishing

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