Attention All Apple Owners

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Attention All Apple Owners…. I am not talking to the people who buy and use our products.   I am talking about the actual owners of  the Apple company.  The other day I walked out of my house while I was on the cell phone.  I looked at my pool which I love and said to myself  ” Thank You Apple ”  I was just thinking this little phone I am holding got me this pool.   My Pool is like a resort pool, beach entrance, hot tub in a cave and if you walk to the top of the waterfall in the cave  you can take the bridge leading to a two story Tiki Hut. My pool cost more than the main house at 5600 square foot and the 1800 square foot guest house.   I  said without  Apple this would not be possible.

At the same time as thanking Apple and it leaders I felt just horrible and severely embarrassed that a company that handed me cash was like an enemy of the state.   I also  was glad that Apple did make it hard for the US Government to obtain security without going though the legal process. If Apple would have just said to the FBI  here you go this is how you get into the security of the phone many people would be very upset.   We cannot forget that the privacy issues of these same cell phones does need to be secured becasue many of us do make calls that should be secure. Agents of the US  Government  use these cell phones.  People who work on corrupt city governments in the private sector need to have secure phones so unlawful corrupt  local governments cannot do a wiretap or gain access to information without a true system of defense.  If Apple would have just given it to anyone without the secure steps needed to make sure that info remained secure issues would follow.   We all have herd how sometimes in a court case evidence cannot be used because it was obtained illegally  by law enforcement.  The court system punishes the cops when they obtain this information illegality by not allowing evidence in the case and the person  walks.    This punishment is known to the police so in future cases they will follow the rules so evidence can be used.  This is called

Fruit of the poisonous tree This is a legal metaphor in the United States used to describe evidence that is obtained illegally. The logic of the terminology is that if the source (the “tree”) of the evidence or evidence itself is tainted, then anything found  (the “fruit”) from it is tainted.  This term , the  fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine was first described in Silverthorne Lumber Co. v. United States, 251 U.S. 385 (1920).  The term’s first use was by Justice Felix Frankfurter in Nardone v. United States(1939).

Where did my company go wrong?  There was evidence that needed to be obtained by Uncle Sam.  Apple could have just unlocked the phone and they could have assigned their chief technologist to work with the Agent in Charge where the security could have still be secure.  What would have happen if there was a bomb that was about to go off and Apple had the key to the security but still did not grant it on their own free will?  Could that have been a disaster?  Sure it could be  bad , very bad.

Apple needs to use its head. The same head that makes these wonderful products and understand that there can me a situation that they need to fix and fix it in a hurry.   If Apple would have been  smart they should have already met with the USA Government and had a system in place so if an incident occurred like this the ball would have been in their court and they could have said here you go Uncle Sam.

When Lucent and Actel did their merger the issue came up with patents and the old  Bell Labs and its secret patents that the USA depended on for years.. Bell Labs became Lucent.  Bell Labs is where James Bond shops.  When the merger took place with  Lucent and Actel the issue came up about the secrets of Luicent because it was an American based company where Actel was foreign.  The US Government was not going to approve the merger until they knew these secrets would remain safe and secure.   They appointed a board that was USA based and these board members were former military individuals and other Americans who were classified as Good patriots was now on the board of the Bell Labs owned by Actel- Lucent a foreign based company.

Apple should have had in it arsenal a person like that, that  could have been someone they vetted in a position that could work within the government and protect its trade secrets.  Apple thinks of everything and they could have had this all worked out before the need arose.   Now one could argue that a warrant is needed because of it being a criminal case.        Is it  ? Or are we at war with a group of people who hate America and they are enemies of the state and therefore no warrant is needed.  Apple still should have opened up the phone for the FBI.   It is apparent that this is a need for National Security.  Apple depends on the Technology Federal Agents that basically work for the big companies like Apple on corporate spies and thefts of prototypes.   When the court order was issued Apple should have said lets go and offer ways for the Federal Government to get the info they needed and still protected the need for “No back Doors”  Apple should have made a side door prior the need to even exist in the first place.  This side door could have been a door that could be easily changed over time.

Here is one of the things that we need to understand about Apple being correct on what they did. What would have have happen if China had a mad man about to blow up a park where there were 400 humans.   China goes to Apple and says we have an issue we need to know how to get into a phone.  Apple says you are correct let us show you how to do it.   Then Apple shows them and before you know it China is getting into the Iphones of our Governmental Officials.  If Apple says no to China then China may say no more Apple products in China. . Then the owners of Apple would demand action of Apple to do whatever China wants.   Did Apple make the correct choice ?  I do not know , but what I do know on this incident and this incident alone.  Apple made me a lot money. I am glad of that but I am embarrassed to now have their phone and as an owner I am upset.  For those of you who do not think they own Apple stock think again.. If you have a mutual fund chances are you are an owner of  Apple.

My lovely pool valued at over a million dollars is a third of the cost of my home.  Yes I want to thank Apple again and again.  Maybe Apple should come up with an Water proof phone so I can make more money but there may be a time in my life where I finally say to Apple the hell with your money and your phone this is America and we need to keep America safe.



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