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This Thanksgiving I can say that I am very THANKFUL for so many wonderful things. But in reality, I can say that is canceled because I have failed at being human. Not only have I failed but many of us have failed because we sit back and allow babies to become “Human Shish Kebabs,” we allow them to be burnt to a crisp, and allow them to be sliced like lunch meat. It gets worse , we allow this to be done in front of their mom and dad. And once the baby is dead Daddy gets to watch his wife get raped by a bunch of military men, after that, dad gets shot in the head. Yes, this article of mine is going to piss off some people but that is what it is intended to do. Please do not forget I am putting myself in the same category as everyone else.

Where is this “Ethnic Cleansing taking place? In “Myanmar ” the “Rohingya Minority” is being destroyed by the Military and now The Trump Administration has classified it as real “Ethnic Cleansing” this now allows us to put sanctions on the military and the leader of Myanmar. Have we not learned that when it comes to situations like “ The Hitler Story” we need to react fast. There is a slight difference when i t comes to Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing but we do thank Rex Tillerson for his classification.

Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson, who visited Myanmar last week, said that “ horrendous atrocities” by Myanmar’s military security forces and vigilantes had forced almost a million people to flee their homes and seek shelter in its neighboring Bangladesh. While this is going on the military is killing the same people , babies included and also burning their homes.

Years back my new intern Aaron Jackson who actually was a
Volunteer came to work with me and we were riding in a car and I said to him “ Aaron every day 30,000 children die of starvation. Back then I was wrong because half that figure were adults. But from that statement he decided to do something about it. For the next three years we the Homeless Voice funded him for his projects and then he branched off where he is able to jump on a plane and in a matter of a few days open up a clinic in Bangladesh where he is taking these same babies, who have been injured and starved and bring them back to life. Well, from this issue with the people fleeing there are more people dying of starvation.

Let me say it like this when it comes to the world and it’s humans who have failed, I have to ask the question how in the heck can this stuff still happen in the world. There is not one excuse that I can think of that prevents us from bringing food and doctors to this region and take care of these people. There is not one excuse in the world that should interfere with us taking care of the current refugees and the other 30,000 people in the world who die each day of starvation and the lack of some cheap medicine that is $2 at your local “Publix Pharmacy.”

The world leaders should be outraged and take immediate action and arrest these military men who are doing this Ethnic Cleansing. Maybe they should just give them a warning and say it stops in 48 hours or you will be faced with having no military bases left because we will blow them up. At this time our world leaders have failed to do the correct thing. Where have I failed and where have other humans failed? Every civilized nation citizens should be at their government headquarters protesting letting them know that they must stop this ethnic cleansing at once. When the world gets together the leaders will react. We must tell them it is time to react now and no other life can be lost.

If the world leaders won’t do it than the billionaires of the world should put a stop to it by hiring their own private military forces and go in there and take over the current military leaders. I cannot see them getting prosecuted under international law because they are not arresting the current military who is cutting up little babies. Did you just hear what I said?????? Cutting up little babies and it is still happening as we speak. It is our job to stop this and if we don’t we are not human anymore. We must get the backs of these people and stop this at once and to do nothing is so sad.

Right now , this second the refugees that fled are starving and their little kids who were not killed and made the trip walking miles to Bangladesh with just the clothes on their backs need food, water and medicine. After all it is only a million people. The United Nations needs to take some of the land in Myanmar and give it back to the Rohingya people and draw a line in the sand and tell the Myanmar people don’t even come close to the border because the UN forces will be there to ensure they can live a life free of harm.

I know some of you may be saying, Sean, this article is a little harsh and to blame all of us for this is just wrong. All I can say is , it is the year 2017 and humans are burning babies, cutting them up like lunch meat and raping the mom in front of the dad , and the world just sits back and watches this like it is just ok. You can do something about it and we all can do something about it. We must lobby our political leaders and if we have to protest the United Nations.

We must pray and pray hard. I am serious , how can anyone of us be thankful when this shit is happening. We can kill a terrorist from a Drone base in Nevada where our Drone pilots sit in a room and play a videogame that takes out the bad guys 5000 miles away. We can put a man on the moon and soon to Mars. We can cure so many diseases now and I can speak to my grandkids on a small video cell phone no matter where they are to see their little cute faces. Today normal Joe Citizens can broadcast live and be their own news reporters where thousands can see their reporting. We can do all this yet we cannot figure out how to bring a can of tuna to a starving person. We can no longer give excuses why this is still happening. We can no longer just tolerate it and say it is happening over there not here so why should America take care of it?
It is a crime against humanity and it is our duty to put a stop to it.

Yes I am sure we have lots of stuff to be thankful for and I am thankful I can write how I feel without going to jail because we have the freedom of the press. I am thankful that hopefully, anyone who reads this article won’t be mad because I have said we have all failed when it comes to feeding and defending the poor. I am thankful for knowing the people I know because If I know you and speak to you I am honored to do so. I am thankful that Jesus Christ died on a cross so you and I can live forever if we believe in Him as the Lord and Savior.

Written By Sean Cononie

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